Arc 7


Charnwood Arc 7

The Charnwood Arc 7 is the ‘big brother’ of the Arc 5.

 It is rated as a 11KW max output stove (7KW nominal). It features Charnwood’s patented multi-fuel ‘converting grate’ which allows for excellent ash dispersal/clearance but also allows one to burn solid fuels like anthracite efficiently as well as wood.

 The Arc 7 comes on a ‘store stand’ as the standard option.

 Like all Charnwood stoves, the combination of boiler plate steel and cast-iron construction means that the Arc 7 is one of the easiest to control wood-burners available in the market today.

 Additional features include:

 Patented air control system that provides optimal air flow into the firebox from one lever.

Air wash system for cleaner glass.

Side and rear convection panels (heat shields) as standard.

Cool to the touch door handle mechanism.

Cool to the touch air-control mechanism.

External outside air intake option.

Top or rear flue exit options.

This fireplace meets and exceeds the Eco-Design 2022 requirements.

10-year guarantee on the body of the stove which is the longest guarantee period on a woodburning stove available at the time of writing.

Available in a choice of 8 colours subject to an additional charge and additional lead time Specs Sheet not correct see below.

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